The 11i DIY

20/10/2006 - is proud to be able to launch another new product, "The 11i DIY".

Since we have been selling the 11i Desktop & 11i Laptop, we have had numerous emails and calls asking if we can help other people with their installs onto Windows XP. Because of this large number of emails we have decided that the best way to help people (and ourselves!) is to provide all of the software required and a full installation guide, for the 11i e-Business Suite. We have called this product the "11i DIY", as all you need to do is provide your own Laptop or Desktop (minimum specifications can be found on the 11i DIY web page here)

Included in the box is:

  • External 40Gb Hard Drive
  • All the software required to enable you to install the 11i Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Installation Guide
  • Voucher for 1 Months free installation support

    See "The 11i DIY" page for more details.


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