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Dear Reader,

The aim of this page is to introduce you to a new service specifically designed for anyone who uses the Oracle e-Business Suite, be it Oracle Partners or end-users. This service essentially supplements your internal application specialists and helpdesk, as and when required.

Up until recently I was the Technical Director of PDG Consulting (with over 20 years of Oracle Applications implementations and upgrade experience), and have since left to form AppsDBA.co.uk. I know from experience that getting good, trustworthy people at short notice to complete technical tasks can be very difficult. This offering allows you to procure my services at very short notice, to complete tasks, all at a fixed price. This allows you to plan and maximise your workload, and also gives you greater flexibility through the peaks and troughs of the working year.

The advantages of using my services are:

· My rates are less than general contract rates, and a fixed quotation is given for the job (not a daily rate);
· You do not need to go through any agencies, therefore saving their associated fees;
· I can be available "next-day", if required. Or at a timetable to suit you.

I know some companies have an "associates" scheme, but the difference with this service is that all work is carried out at a fixed price, and on time. Therefore you know the cost of the work before it commences, allowing you to maximise your profit from each project.

The services I can provide are as follows:

· Oracle Applications DBA
· Oracle Applications Installation & Upgrades (from all versions)
. Oracle Applications Upgrade Troubleshooting
· Oracle Applications Technical Architecture Validation
· Maintenance/Mini Pack/CUP application
. Oracle e-Business Suite Security
· Application Cloning
· Oracle Applications System Administration
· Oracle Applications Performance Tuning
· Oracle Applications Helpdesk

If you believe you can make use of my services, or require more information, please give me a call on 07876 750828. Or, alternatively email me on: richard@appsdba.co.uk

Yours truly,

Richard Fieldhouse
Managing Director

AppsDBA.co.uk Limited

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